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THE OAKLAND 68'S were officially founded in 2017 by a few loyal Right Field Bleacher Die Hards. We are LF/RF bleacher die hards," fAnily" who love and support our A's and Roots and Soul as much as we do our city they play in, OAKLAND! (We are an independent supporters group and the first in MLB history).

OUR MISSION is centered around preserving the fanaticism of the Oakland A's fan base, creating new Roots and Soul fans while recognizing the ones already here. We want to create new ways to show our support and help our community, and most importantly, give a voice to the fans. For Our City. For Our Team. Forever. 

We are a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization
All donations are tax deductible and will go towards our efforts to improve the community via sports

Oakland 68's are committed to being an inclusive supporters group. We are happy to be a part of the Play Proud campaign w/ Common Goal. To learn more, click on the image below.

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JOIN the 68's


Membership is EASY!


Donation starts at $5, and payment can be made directly through our site. Membership donation includes a wealth of benefits and more importantly, helps fund the voice of the fans for the Oakland sports front. 

The Membership Donation Starts At $5 Dollars



  • A's/Roots/Soul Accountability (Future Town Halls)

  • Fan Representation 

  • Away Travel and Events

  • Tailgates and end of the season BBQ

  • Community Engagements and Initiatives 

Chants and Rhythms We do in The Bleachers:

FYI, All A's players have their own rhythmic beats when they come up to bat.

1. Always Salute our Right Fielder

2. "Ding" or "Bang" anything around you when our pitcher records a

strike. One strike=one Ding, and two strikes=two dings. After two strikes, see #3

3. Pitcher has 2 Strikes, Start slow Clap at The Belt While Speeding it up Leading to the Pitch

4. When opposing pitcher has a 3 ball count, we start yelling "BALL FOUR" while waving our hands back and forth. You start chanting ball four once our batter steps into the batters box.

5. Only chant "let's Go Oakland" when there is a runner in scoring position.

6. If A's score, and after next batter is introduced we chant (While clapping) "ohhhhhh, WE LOVE YOU OAKLAND, WE DO! WE LOVE YOU OAKLAND, WE DO! WE LOVE YOU OAKLAND WE DO!! OOOOOAKLAND WE LOVE YOU! NOT YOU (enter whoever opposing RF players name is)." 

7. Pay attention because we can start any chant at any given time, like "Oakland Athletics, you are my team, until the day I die! And when that happens I'll still be chanting for you up in the sky!" 

8. "Oh when the A's, go marching in! Oh when the A's go marching in! oh I want to be in the bleachers! Oh when the A's go marching in!"

9. "Eaaasst Oakland is the place to be! Town Business is the life for me! We're gonna hit on over the Wall!! We aint gonna stop 'til we've won it all! OAKLAND!

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Contact us at for any inquiries 

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