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An Open Letter to The A's

Time to show whether or not it was all an act. Saturday September 23rd, let's pack the house again. Join us A's fans!

Athletics Investment Group LLC,


    The Oakland 68’s was created in 2017 with a simple foundational mission: to create new ways to show our support and help our community, and most importantly, give a voice to the fans. For Our City. For Our Team. Forever. According to your estimates (ours are much higher) 27,759 of the A’s loyal fanbase showed up in solidarity to let their voice be heard for the historic Reverse Boycott on June 13th to remind the league that the fans exist.

    While Rob Manfred’s dismissive comments regarding “nearly reaching the league average in attendance” were, at best, petulant, we were pleased at the Athletics’ controversial decision to donate the proceeds of ticket sales to local nonprofits. As an organization created to help our communities through our love of sports, we see $811k of much needed support being delivered to our communities, rather than a cheap attempt to steal the narrative or impress NV lawmakers as many online have purported.

    Seeing as the Athletics have made many promises to be a better community partner, the Oakland 68’s formally call on you to again demonstrate your commitment to your current community. We hope that your future community partners take note: Saturday, September 23rd we call on you to donate ticket proceeds again to mutually agreed upon community partners. If you agree to donate ticket sales, the Oakland 68’s will throw another tailgate party to celebrate our love for Oakland, and Rob Manfred can count on an “above average” MLB attendance.

    While we are disappointed by the team's intentions to leave, we ask that you use the remaining time in Oakland to become the valuable community partner that you described to NV lawmakers. Together we can drive much needed benefit to the community that you have called your own for the past 55 years.


The Oakland 68’s

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