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2023 Statement. The year of WE!

We know it's been a rough patch for us Oakland Sports fans but we have to stay the course and continue to be the most authentic and genuine fans we know we are. We believe that our A's belong in Oakland and deserve a world-class stadium done right and Howard Terminal at Jack London Square would provide that. We believe our Roots deserve a stadium that can elevate the soccer culture and community like no other soccer club in the world. It is why we ask the JPA and mayor-elect Sheng Thao to help make the Malibu temporary site available for our soccer club while they look for a permanent home in and around Oakland. 


The incoming new administration in Oakland will definitely have their work cut out for them. We understand wholeheartedly that the issues we face as a city may take priority over pro sports. However, we also believe that those issues aren’t mutually exclusive to one another and hope that we can work hard as a community to better strengthen our civic pride and engagement by helping these teams succeed in Oakland. We believe that sports are a driving force for social change and by helping these teams we help them be the change that The Roots have been committed to all along and will encourage the A’s as well. 


With that being said, we will continue to work hard for the fans and continue with our supporters' group to bring the noise while continuing to hold the front office accountable in their direction for a better club in our city. We will always try and have an open dialogue with the A's and Roots staff and continue with them to better our experience. As always, we understand that sometimes A's and Roots staff may have their hands tied and we always appreciate their time to meet with us and have those conversations together. 


To the players, either old or new for both the A's and Roots; while we expect you to give your all for the colors on your chest, we will stand behind you and support you in the best ways we can. We believe the word "support" is intended not only through good times but through difficult ones as well. 


We continue being committed to our non-profit status, helping and volunteering around the town, which we cannot do without the contributions of our members and the people who believe in us. As we move forward, we will have merchandise for sale and continue to raise funds on a grassroots level to help provide tickets, tailgates, and events. 

Let’s make 2023 the year of WE. Let’s go Oakland!

- 68’s Crew

For our City. For our Team. Forever.

Please spread the word, and join our supporters' group. The one and only of its kind. 



First and foremost we want to thank all the first responders, nurses and healthcare folks, frontline workers, and essential grocery workers for helping getting us back on track. They are true heroes and deserve all our praise and respect.


With that said, we wanted to share our vision and mission as we enter another year of Oakland A’s baseball (limited capacity). Our vision is simple; we are striving to be a supporters group that gives fans a voice to this ever-corporate business that happens to be our favorite sport, baseball. Not to mention our favorite club forever and ever, OUR Oakland A’s. How are we planning to do that? By holding the club/ownership accountable, inviting them to have meetings with us to discuss community and fan concerns. These concerns could range anywhere from parking costs to input on the new Oakland Ballpark. Let’s not get priced out! That’s where unity comes in, strength comes in numbers. We cannot do this alone, and we need fans that want to be involved to support our boys in green and gold while sharing the same vision we have. 


Community is the strongest part of our vision; we want to help by partnering with non-profits such as the Green Stampede homework club for kids and others. This will provide a win-win-win situation, the A’s get a new generation of young fans, we help grow the game in our backyard, and the kids get mentorship and help with their schoolwork.


Who we are – We are loyal bleacher folks from RF/LF, and from all around the coliseum grounds that stretches beyond the concrete field of dream to local business leaders. We are passionate about our team and our city. We want to bring the same energy from the game of soccer into the stands!


Our mission is simple, to support our team and city with loyalty and to celebrate the rich tradition of our historical ball-club. Baseball is embedded in this great city. Oakland Larks, Oaks, OAL League, Babe Ruth league and so on! 


How it will work – We promise the A’s that when a new stadium is opened, we will have our drums, flags, banners, and bring the noise with at least one whole section filled in any given game. We can’t do that without you! We need to grow our fanbase and most importantly our supporter’s section. Between LF and RF bleachers we have approx. 50 fans on any given night/day, now imagine that in one section in a new stadium… It will look beautiful, and we won’t have to be priced out. The A’s have promised to have regularly scheduled meetings with us (pre-covid and expect the same post covid). 


I hope you will join this supporters club, and be part of a fAnily. We have full time work and this is just our hobby, so all we ask is patience and know that we are in this together as ONE. We love our city, our team, and we will always bleed green and gold! 


-The 68’s 

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