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The Oakland 68's are thrilled to formally welcome The Pioneer Baseball League's first west coast team to The Town. Co-founded by an East Bay native and an Oakland resident, the entire leadership team of the Ballers understands that baseball's roots in Oakland run deep, and they are committed to bringing people together for a shared love of baseball in Oakland for generations to come.

Check out their website to learn more about The Ballers and their Leadership Team.

While our fight to keep the A's in Oakland is far from over, we proudly support and welcome the Ballers with open arms. Rooted in Oakland is more than words to them; they are eager to show their commitment to Oakland.


"Oakland’s fans are the best in the world, and since 2017 no organization has represented Oakland fans better than the 68s.  In good times and in bad the Oakland 68s have always brought the biggest hearts and the loudest drums.  We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with the Oakland 68s to continue the great the legacy of Baseball in Oakland."

Paul Freedman, Co-Founder/Chief Executive Officer

"The Oakland 68s are a huge part of what inspired Paul and I to start a new baseball team that is by Oakland and for Oakland. From the vibe the 68s have brought to A’s and Roots games to fan activations all summer long around what was happening with that other baseball team and where they were headed - we just felt like nothing and no one could rip out the fabric of baseball from the Town. That’s why we’re honored to call the Oakland 68s our friend and partners as we build this thing from the ground up. Is it a team? Yes. But it’s also a movement. Let’s show the world what Oakland is capable of when we work together. Let’s Go Oakland."

Bryan Carmel, Co-Founder/Chief Experience Officer

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